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We have Complete Upper Receivers including barrels, buttstocks, buffers, spring tubes, and the correct parts kits for installation on your lower receiver. Whether you're building your own or customizing an existing AR, we've got the supplies to meet your AR15 upper receiver needs.


The AR is instantly recognizable by its distinctive, traditional upper receiver profile.

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However, time marches on and the only thing that remains the same is the fact that things change. The AR has gone through numerous evolutions in its military application as well as adapting to the demands of the civilian market. Many AR upper receivers seen today bear little resemblance to the original military issue M16A1 that began its service during the Vietnam conflict. While the weapons de differences may appear to be cosmetic they are indeed not.

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By adding or taking away features to the upper receiver, the function and purpose of the overall weapon are fundamentally different. Whether these changes are welcomed or scorned depends upon individual needs, tastes, and use of the weapon. Regardless of configuration, all AR uppers perform the same basic job.

Ar complete uppers

Of course, there is stress imposed on the upper when a round is fired, but the force is focused more in the bolt carrier group and buffer system. The structural integrity of the upper receiver is important, however, a quality upper is likely to outlast its internal components.

In fact, the first ARs that were delivered to the military did not have the forward assist installed as an option. The military subsequently required that the forward assist was added before the full rollout of the weapon to the infantry. This feature does indeed serve a purpose, however, many shooters misunderstand its use.

Upper receivers

First, there could be an issue with the round itself in regards to its overall length or brass that is out of tolerance. Second, contamination in the form of carbon build-up or debris could be present on the bolt face or in the chamber of the gun. Again, that issue must be resolved in order to safely load and fire the weapon. In either situation, one certainly should address the underlying problem and not simply shove the round into the chamber. Where the forward assist truly comes into play is by facilitating the silent chambering of a round.

When you cycle the charging handle, spring tension slams the action closed. Unfortunately, this comes with a certain degree of noise. In a combat setting the sound of an entire platoon working their charging handles could easily be detrimental to their health. This is where the forward assist comes into play. The shooter is able to ease the action shut slowly and quietly. This is not only a benefit in combat, this feature could easily be a big help for loading the weapon during a hunt without alarming one's prey.

Throughout every generation of the AR, the main visual difference is the disappearance of the once prominent carry handle atop the upper receiver.

Fn m4 upper

Although, this feature was the mounting point for the rear sight and carrying the gun by the rear sight mount may not be the wisest choice, so the term carry handle is a bit of a misnomer. Normally when the carry handle goes away, a Picatinny rail appears on the flat top upper. Picatinny rails provide a stable mounting surface for iron sights, optics, or other accessories. Still, the AR upper receiver has retained its modular de. This is perhaps its greatest selling point. All that needs to happen to transplant an AR upper onto another lower is the removal of its takedown and pivot pins.

With another complete AR upper receiver standing by, an entirely different weapon is at the ready in minutes. The AR, chambered for 5.

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Therefore, just about any shorter profiled round can safely run through its action. The most popular change is from the 5. This combination uses all of the same parts except the barrel to create a whole new gun.

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One can literally have an entire arsenal ranging from a. If the cartridge is based on the. All AR upper receivers can be bought in one of three levels of completion. Here of late many manufacturers, as well as shooters, have praised the fact that now M4 feed ramps are everywhere. Is that a good thing? Answering that question requires a look into why the M4 feed ramp was created in the first place.

Ar15 uppers

We all know that the M4 is the shorter version of the M16 deed primarily for special forces and delivering automatic fire when needed. Early feeding issues in the M4 necessitated a modification in the upper receiver and barrel extension. Longer feed ramps were machined into both surfaces, therefore, providing a more gradual transition from magazine to chamber.

Voila, the M4 feed ramp was born, and it did indeed solve the feed issues the M4 had during automatic fire. But, are they necessary on a semi-auto gun? Again, the answer is it depends on what you have to start with. Basically, the upper receiver should match the barrel where M4 feed ramps are concerned. The extended feed ramps can be present in both the upper as well as the barrel and therein lies the potential for failure. If the upper receiver has M4 ramps and the barrel does not, this creates a situation where ammo will most certainly hang up when feeding.

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Conversely, if the modified ramps are present on the barrel but not the upper then feeding will not be a problem because the bullet has nothing on which to snag en-route to the chamber. If the build is to be made up of new parts this likely will not be a problem seeing as how most manufacturers now install M4 feed ramps on everything. There are three different methods for manufacturing AR upper receivers, billet, forged, and cast.

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While they all turn out a similar product, the process is quite dissimilar. Even though a CNC milling machine does the work, billet uppers cannot be considered a mass-produced part. A billet AR upper usually has thicker walls when compared to a forged upper receiver.

The ensuing part is usually not considered to be a Mil-Spec AR upper receiver and may have some issues when fitted to a Mil-Spec lower. However, when one gets both a billet AR upper and lower machined as a set the fit is normally precise and produces a more stable accurate gun. This is a benefit if one is going for a long-range precision gun.

Ar upper receivers for sale

An AR billet upper receiver is considered the gold standard for top of the line custom builds. When shopping for stripped AR upper receivers, the billet option is prevalent throughout the market. The finish of an AR billet upper receiver is going to be cleaner and have sharper details than its forged AR upper receiver rival. Due to its thicker walls and greater rigidity, an AR billet upper receiver would be a better choice if the gun is to be fully dressed, suppressed, and running hot lo.

The billet AR upper will withstand this added stress better than a forged upper receiver. When looking for an AR upper receiver for sale perhaps the best Used ar upper for sale for the average shooter can be found with a forged upper receiver. These uppers are made by heating the aluminum to a temperature between and degrees, then hammer forging it into a die. This in a part that is nearly a Mil-Spec AR upper receiver.

It is then machined to its final stage using a CNC mill. While the initial outlay for dies and tooling is considerable, the procedure for creating a forged AR upper receiver negates much of the costly machine time. Therefore, multiple parts can be mass produced with a minimum of wasted material and time, resulting in a lower overall cost per unit.

Each one has its place and market following. Even though normally a billet AR upper has a superior finish one cannot automatically declare the forged upper receiver to be inferior. The quality of finish in every case depends on the final machine work and the individual executing it. The forged AR upper receiver was ordained by the military for use in all of their AR framed guns.

The process of casting is quite old and consists of pouring molten material into a predeed mold to produce a part. This procedure is used primarily to make lower receivers and very few companies attempt to employ it to make uppers. Casting produces parts that are considered to be brittle and the least resilient of all three methods of manufacture.

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In most cases, the cost of a forged upper receiver is low enough to not even consider the option of one that is cast. When looking at a new AR upper receiver for sale you have the opportunity to adapt your weapon to your specific needs. The addition or subtraction of the forward assist, brass deflector and Picatinny rail is all customizable as per your preference. By simply changing the upper, that tack-driving varmint gun can become a close quarter battle weapon in minutes. If perhaps, your lower has a high-end trigger and stock that you love, you can keep the familiar set-up and just switch the upper to fit the new need.

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