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  • Age:
  • 23
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  • I prefer gentleman
  • Sex:
  • Female
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  • Champagne


I was in bed with this girl. She was a bit stronger then me. And I was enjoying her take control of me. She starts taking off her clothes and that's when I noticed his cock flop out. I told him this I was not interested in fucking a dude. And he got all mad telling me I should call him by his proper pronouns.


As I relaxed, she inserted the head of her cock in me…. This story that was posted at the forum today by our new member got me hard as hell.

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Enjoy reading…. I noticed for shemales, and they looked pretty hot. She was complaining business was down — was losing trade to shemales! I looked up available shemales in Toronto, and went to one next chance I got.

My first time with a shemale escort

Oh my god oh my god what an experience! She took me into her bedroom, and had me lie down. I looked her over as she turned away for a minute. Now that is what I had come there for.

My first time with a ladyboy escort

I had been fantasizing about sucking cock, but the idea of doing it with a guy grossed me out — I had to do it with a girl. So here goes.

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Now one problem I have is that my gag reflex is really strong — makes trips to the dentist kind of tough. But I tried my best. After a while, she took the rubber off when I asked, and I kept on going. She stayed standing by the side of the bed, holding my head with one hand while she fucked my mouth — a huge turn-on for me.

Tranny confessions

She she put another rubber on, and told me she was going to fuck me. That seemed to turn her on. After a while she was gently fucking me with it, while I squirmed underneath her, watch her beautiful breasts jiggle as she worked on me.

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After a while, she pulled out the dildo, and suddenly I felt her hardness pressed up against me. She was much bigger than the dildo, and had some trouble at first. She told me first to squeeze very tight, and then to relax. As I relaxed, she inserted the head of her cock in me. Then she told me to squeeze hard again, and then to relax, and pushed further in. Then she started short, quick strokes which seemed to open me up, and in no time, she was in me to the hilt.

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Now I can say with total authority that being fucked up the ass is the most natural thing in the world. I absolutely loved it! I had never been so turned on in my life with the wonderful sensation of her hard cock sliding past my prostate over and over again, faster and faster.

Transgender escorts share stories of daily struggles and discrimination

She talked to me as she fucked me:. She leaned forward closer, and held my shoulders while she fucked me harder. I pulled her face down to me and we kissed — a huge turn on with a cock up my ass. She straightened up again and started to work on my cock while continuing to push in and out, her pace slowing a bit as she started to jerk me off. In no time I had such a powerful orgasm that my balls hurt, cum flying all over the place.

She laughed as she watched me spray everywhere. When I was done, she pulled out, and off I went to the shower.

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After goodbyes, I was in my car a few minutes later, already hard as a rock just thinking about what happened. I still see women a lot more often than shemales, but I will never stop seeing a nice shemale now and again. I wish that I could expierience that.

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Huge fantasy of mine. If it is I am thinking of checking her out! She looks and sounds unbelievable! I would love to experience a night like that! I would like to be shemale one day. Until I can do more than just dress up to resemble a tgirl, I would love to be with a real shemale. I want to meet ladyboysor shemelt. Im 29, Im BI. I like everything! I travel everywhere thisis my address sarahpolly yahoo. Always love reading this great story. When I get the courage I will try to experience too.

For now I am going to a live shemale webcast and jerk off!

Lisa, the ts escort

I think a ladyboy with a eight inch cock would be ideal for a blow job because I would like the taste of it in my mouth while she enjoyed the succulent taste of mine. Oh boy! I was just skimming through some sites on the trannys. So I was checking out the trannys and just looking at them makes me hot.

I read the story about the escort and I have to admit that I really would like to meet a nice shemale lady, discreetly, and visit with her with some wine and if things work out I would be willing to learn about Her and how it feels. I would suck her cock and try to swallow it whole.

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I would hope that she would take control and get me hot and fuck me for a long time and fill my anus with cum, and make me cum by fucking me in the butt. I will try it if I can get a teacher. This story raised more than my spirits lol, I am an older male who would love a brief erotic encounter with a beautiful shemale.

Transgender & crossdressers stories

Any interested shemales in Toronto Scarboroughcontact me at mrhawk60 gmail. The story about the escort did raise it up for me. I am an older man who has fantasised about, one time even called and talked to, a lovely person on the phone.

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SHE, was in another state however. If we could find her we would invite her to come stay inthe Salt Lake area with us for a while.

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I would love to be persuaded to suck female cock, and my wife would love to see it too. We still have that letter somewhere. I was lucky enough to have my first experience recently, I have not ever spoke of it before. Its something I had to do for a long time. So I wrote a note to myself. I went to meet a real Tranny. After finally finding her place and after a quick chain smoke, the nerves set in. I waited outside the door. She let me in from the buzzer. I walked into a dim hallway. She popped her head around the door.

Ringtown, Pennsylvania, 17967 speed dating

There she was standing in high heels, bra and panties. She asked if I wanted to smoke. I tried not to but had a quick drag. I stripped off, I felt her soft skin. And saw her cock between her legs, I touched it and rubbed it whilst she sucked mine. She asked what would I like to do next? I said can we fuck each other? She went a little way in I could feel it a little. All good, I really enjoyed bareback whilst holding her cock mostly.

It was a strange experience and would love to do it again with a shemalebut with big breasts next time.

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The classifieds in the local alternative paper were always a trip to read.


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