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And if you do choose to continue, how can you do so while navigating shelter-in-place orders and fears about infection? So many people in polyamorous relationships are worried about how the coronavirus crisis will affect the relationship they have chosen. You may fear that you or your partner will be exposed to the virus by someone else. How can you find new partners when everyone is sheltering in place? And how can you balance open and honest communication with your need for privacy and eroticism at a time when everyone is so stressed?


COVID is not yet low enough to really dive into another event, but we are thinking about the whens and hows of making something work. Rooted in anti-oppression principles, our work aims to create a world where all people are free from oppression. We strengthen our communities through organizing, education, and the provision of support services. Es un recurso gratuito y confidencial para sobrevivientes de abuso de pareja. We are pleased to announce a speed dating event coming up on Monday, September 2nd Labor Day.

In our efforts to build community, we are trying out a few new things this round. below. New affinity question on the form Based on some discussion resulting from our Race and Poly house party awhile back, we are adding a new registration question specifically to benefit people of color. We look forward to hearing what people think of this new addition. Call for Art! For this event, we are trying to put together an art show.

In particular we are interested in art that represents different experiences and backgrounds. We are especially looking for artists of color who have work that is about their experiences with nonmonogamy even obliquely. We will likely be limiting ourselves to wall art, given space constraints, but are open to other Poly dating seattle. If interested, please send us three images of your art and a short self-description.

Social Media We are not good at social media. But perhaps that will change. If you want to follow us on Twitter, you can: see bostonPSD for Boston local stuff, such as open reg announcements and polyspeeddating for the full world-wide stuff, in theory. First, we have a date for our next event!

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Please mark down the evening of Monday, September 2nd Labor Day. Stay tuned for an in Early August when we open registration. Second, we have been receiving several s from therapists and other service providers seeking to the folks on our list. We have decided to put together an informal directory of poly businesses either poly related, or owned by poly people to provide a controlled outlet for all of these requests and to help people find one another.

If you are interested in being part of this directory, please us with your contact information and a short blurb describing what you are offering.

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We will collate and post publicly. Thirdly, in this vein, we recently were told about an upcoming nonmonogamy workshop. The details are below, if interested. Finally, we are trying to put together an art show for our next speed dating event to give people something to look at, other than our pretty selves.

We are not good at social media. If you are a coder and have some free cycles to deploy, we are in crunch mode and could really use some help!

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if you are willing to lend a hand. Also, WordPress-knowledgeable folks!

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Non-Monogamy is not for everyone. Is it for you? This two-day workshop is deed for those who want to explore the joys and challenges of alternatives to monogamy in a judgment-free setting. Disclaimer: This workshop is not an officially Poly dating seattle event; it was sent in by a member of the community.

We hope that this party will be one piece of working to dismantle racism on the interpersonal and structural level within non-monogamous communities. CCI is one of the organizations that we have been supporting for awhile now. We hope you can make what is sure to be an interesting and engaging conversation about race and ourselves. Please RSVP by sending to luke polyspeeddating.

This event is organized by Luke one of your poly speed dating organizers in conjunction with CCI and the house of Shimmy Everlasting. A: Community Change, Inc. CCI is a nonprofit that provides opportunities for people to learn about institutional racism and take action to combat it.

At more than 50 years old, Community Change Inc is the oldest, continuously running anti-racism organization in the country. CCI focuses on engaging white people on this issue because it identifies racism as a white problem. A: While the conversation and event itself is not at all child oriented, you are welcome to bring your kids and have them read in the corner or on the porch.

We will even give them snacks.

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Check out the Open Northwest organization; they run Speed Dating using our software around every year or so. They also run all sorts of other events.

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Our last event had people ranging from the 20s to 60s in age. The words people used to help fine-tune their matches reflect the great range we had at the event. People wanted to connect on fiber-arts, fire-spinning, or scuba-diving. People were democrats, conservatives, anti-fascists.

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We had film-buffs, ice-climbers, and salsa-dancers. Various forms of play were mentioned in all sorts of flavors. Adjectives abounded: silly, sober, smart-ass. There were nearly a thousand different tags used. Not only are our events about connecting people to people, but they are also about connecting people to nonprofits that we want to support in our communities. This was partially supported by the Armory in Somervillewho gave us a discount on the venue to support our fundraising efforts. We encourage all to continue to track what our sponsored organizations are up to, and to continue to support them with money or time as best you can.

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The four organizations for this round are:. Community Change, Inc. We are pleased to announce a speed dating event coming up on Friday, November 2nd. Last time rocked; high on that energy, your PSD organizers decided to actually try and run more than one in a calendar year! As with last time, this is a fundraiser to support and promote various anti-racist activities in the Boston area and beyond.

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Attire and costumes : As usual, we expect people to dress up if they so desire. Heck, it is close to Halloween so go nuts if you want to!

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Costumes are super welcome, but be sure to allow for visibility, mobility, and seating ability. Think about whether you want to be creepy or not, in other words. More masquerade ball, less zombie apocalypse — or just come as your fabulous selves. We were helped by our food vendor, Chilacates in JPwho gave us a discount to support our fundraising.

Thank you Chilacates!

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And also the Armory in Somervillewho gave us a discount on the venue to again support our fundraising efforts. And a tremendous final thank-you to our greeters and volunteers who really made the event happen by making s, checking in people, making the info sheets, obtaining supplies, cleaning up, entering data, and so much more.

We also wanted to encourage you to continue to track what our sponsored organizations are up to, and to continue to support them with money or time as best you can. See our Nonprofit sheets on the four organizations, which are. As you donate, you can tag your money for WPCR. We are now going through the feedback you all had for the event.

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We will post updates, plans, and reflections on our blog. Be sure to stay connected with us, as we are now planning an event for next October mailing list link at right. The following capture many of our reflections in deing our code of conduct and associated policy. It was a hard process, involving many conversations and struggles.

And we know it is not perfect. We do not know if we have found the best answer. Our code of conduct and accompanying policy is a living, working document, and we invite feedback on it or this piece in the comments section below. You can also us directly. There is no single polyamorous community, but rather a network of overlapping communities that share some idea about how love and relationship can work.

The goal of Poly Speed Dating is to allow these communities to connect, to expand our worlds as we also find others to have relationships with. This can be a scary Poly dating seattle to experience.

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Dating is scary, for many. Meeting people is scary, for many. And, in fact, sometimes these fears are justified. In any community there will be people that have caused harm, and will probably cause harm again as they struggle with their own damage and histories.

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In principle, those that cause such harm could be banished from a community, if we could identify them. But the idea of banishment, once considered one of the worst punishments a community could manifest, does not mesh well with the idea that all have the ability to heal. The idea of banishment feels very local: protect our own, send our problems elsewhere. The experience of banishment seems like something that could exacerbate, reinforcing and expanding the bitterness and alienation that creates monsters. We do not see it as healthy for a community to lean towards restriction and exclusion in an attempt to guarantee safety.

Banishment is a very serious act.

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With an incredible "organic" membership base, we offer a network of potential friends, dates, and partners all with similar goals; Ethical Non-Monogamy.


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Brittany and Scott live in a cookie-cutter development on a hill above a small city north of Seattle.


But what about people who identify as polyamorous?