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Take a look at my article HERE which elaborates on the subject and explores the reason why hallucinations do not happen when we take psychedelics. So what should we call them? Psychoactive mushrooms is a correct technical term and includes all fungi which have an effect on our minds, for example those containing psilocybin and muscimol mushrooms the most commonly known member of the muscimol family. Magic Mushrooms is a commonly used term for these fungi, along with psychedelic mushrooms and — to a lesser extent — sacred mushrooms.


Magic Mushroom Powder is my secret weapon in my kitchen! Sprinkle this umami-packed, Wholefriendly seasoning salt on anything to make it delicious! Sure, there were lots of sleek gadgets and baubles available for purchase, but you want people to feel your love for them in the form of a homemade edible present. Well, guess what?

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Every crazy-busy caveperson can channel his or her inner Paleo Martha Stewart with this spiced salt blend. That just happened with Magic Mushroom Powder. Magic Mushroom Powder can be used in place of salt in virtually any dish, adding an immediate flavor punch to everything from scrambled eggs and ground meat to roasted veggies and chicken wings.

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You can use it to sprinkle on roasted broccoli, just like Dylan Dreyer of the Today Show! Watch this Today show segment where she names Magic Mushroom Powder her favorite food seasoning! You can totally skip this recipe and buy some for your pals! Next, turn the processor on for 2 minutes or as long as it takes for the mushrooms to break down into a fine powder.

Warning: Do not open the container immediately after switching off your processor. Instead, be patient and let the powder settle before you open it. Carefully cut them out and stick them on 12 mini jars. Pull up the sides of the parchment and use it as a funnel to transfer the seasoning salt into each jar.

Why microdose with psilocybin mushrooms?

Wondering how to use Magic Mushroom Powder? Simply use it in place of salt in a ratio in all of your favorite recipes! Looking for more recipe ideas? Head on over to my Recipe Index. Andrews McMeel Publishing Definitely worth making yourself! I could not find it in the stores on the East Coast, so I made up a batch.

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Appreciate having the labels to print out — and the list of recipes for using the magic powder. We use it a lot in our cooking. Many thanks, Michelle. Michelle really hit the nail on the head with the wonderful Umami flavors it brings to a dish. This blend is so delicious and versatile. Hi Michelle, I make this all the time and we love it. Just checking- could you please tell me how big, small or medium the grain of the kosher salt is please?

We dont have it freely here in Australia so I just want to find an equivalent.

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From your video it looks more like a medium grain uniform salt like a table salt rather than a flaked salt. What do you think? This reply is not really helpful. The article compares two brands of kosher salt, neither of which are available in many parts of the world. It would be great if you could include ingredient weights in the recipe for those of us that have to use some form of table salt or sea salt.

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I added the gram amounts to the recipe card switch to metric units. Thank you!! I wanted to make this but never had the time to research the salt with a view to converting to weight. The brand is not available to me.

Magic mushrooms

Thanks again!! Hi Matt, not sure if anyone got back to you as to what is called kosher salt not talking about brands but type of salt is a coarse grained salt that has no iodine. And sometimes it is also free of any caking agents. I think you can find SAXA in Germany and I recall that they sell a coarse sea salt and that is what would be the equivalent to the kosher salt from US.

Hope this helps. Rule of thumb big crystal salts are a good alternative to kosher salt hope this helps.

How to dry mushrooms (in oven or dehydrator)

They said it was discontinued. Hopefully I can make this and it tastes the same. We love this stuff. I was just at Whole Foods today. Not in stock and unable to order 2 jars on Amazon. Said there was only 1 in stock! I want to give as a hostess gift. Rocky River, OH. Oh no! This powder was MUCH better on my first batch. Hi Michelle, Michele here! I have a question, can you use other types of dried mushrooms or mix different varities together? I have a local mushroom farm here and have dehydrated my own mushrooms….

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Would any of these work well in the magic mushroom powder? If so which would you suggest? Lots of Nomsters use different mushrooms and mixes to make Magic Mushroom Powder.

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Personally, I love shiitake and porcini the best but the types you mention will work. Love this stuff! I bought mine at WF before seeing this recipe. Definitely bookmarking it for the future!

Magic mushroom powder – umami in a jar!

Can I decrease the amount of salt without changing the umami? Or maybe even make it without the salt?

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My doctor has me using little to no sodium right now. You can leave out the salt. I found this recipe and want to try it out! One question I do have, could this be used as a soup base? Like a bouillon? Thank you. I want to make this, but I already have dehydrated mushroom powder ready to go. About how much mushroom powder total in cups do you end up with after processing the 3oz of dried mushrooms? I think I have about a cup….

Does your package tell you how many ounces per cup or tablespoon?

What is umami? (and msg)

I just used it to flavor my last batch of seed crackers. I just made this and tasted it and it is very salty.

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Is this the kind of thing where I need to let it hang out a bit before using it? Should I add more mushrooms? My kitchen smells super good tho! Thanks for the help! Magic Mushroom Powder is supposed to taste salty because you can use it as a replacement for Diamond Crystal kosher salt. Any ideas on how I can add something to help?

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While snipping up or diluting blotter tabs is an easy way to microdose with LSD , it does mean dependence on an external source that might not be consistent or reliable.


How to dry mushrooms in the oven or using a dehydrator for long-term storage, whole or as mushroom powder.


Sure, you can smoke shrooms, but whether or not you get the psychedelic effects you would from eating them is another story.


Now that I got to try this, I just have to sprinkle it on everything!