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  • How old am I:
  • I'm 34 years old
  • What is my nationaly:
  • Welsh
  • Eyes colour:
  • I’ve got clear blue eyes
  • My hair:
  • Dark-haired
  • I can speak:
  • Russian
  • Zodiac sign:
  • Aries
  • I like to listen:
  • Dance


You would probably agree with me that modern dating is already pretty hard nowadays. And most of those girls get their hearts broken and they convince themselves that it was their fault and that they will never be loved again.


You can jump to the different sections below. A little background — I noticed in my own relationships; courtships where the man pursued me persistently in the beginning usually ended in long term relationships.

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On the other hand — when I pursued a man consciously or unconsciously, it never worked out the same way. This led me on a journey one of many to unlock the secret to male psychology.

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I believe women should pass on good advice about men and dating. We gotta help our fellow girlfriends out!

Men are very goal oriented and competitive. Men conquer other men by beating them at games, sports and career positions. Imagine saving an entire year to buy a car vs simply having a car given to you. Intellectually we all want the car the easy way, but in actual fact, we feel a deep level of accomplishment and euphoria when we actually WORK to get that car.

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It took me years to save up my Mazda 3 and after two years it still looked brand new. Take the husband who gave his wife little attention, choosing his mates over her, until the day she left him.

The disgusting unpleasant truth is:. Men are not dumb.

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This gives him a high-perceived value of you. The bottom line is….

How to make a guy chase you using male psychology? 24 ways to success

In order to get a man to chase you, you must adopt the correct mindset first. We must instead attract a man to want to chase us on his own free will. Confidence is an irresistibly attractive trait.

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But when we think of confidence we often think of external confidence only. To have irresistible confidence is to exude confidence from the inside out. Everything starts from your mind! And women prefer a man with a job. A man with a lot of resources mean YOU could also have a lot of resources.

Resources security are important for our survival. Sometimes a woman will want a man to fulfil her emotional needs or to fill a parental role for her children.

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To be ME-focusedyour thoughts revolve largely around fulfilling your own needs. If your life is in shambles and you feel out of control, focusing on men may seem like a better distraction. This rule can be seen all throughout nature.

Do not get hung up on the exact ratio. Sounds odd at first until you dig deeper into male and female psychology.

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To PUSH is to put force onto that man. If a man really likes you he may not mind answering once or twice, but to keep asking for reassurances is a big NO-NO. A planet is formed by rocks smashing together to form bigger and bigger rocks.

How to get a man to chase you

The larger the mass of these rocks, the more gravitational pull it has for more rocks to fly into it. You work on the natural gravitational pull of a happy and purpose driven life. When I first started chatting to my now husband, I was in the midst of studying Art. My weekdays and weekends were filled with art asments and studies. It caught his attention that every time he messaged me I would bring up my asments and what I was working on.

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He told me he first fell in love with me due to my love and passion for art. Look for a hobby or activity that can be All-Consuming. It needs to be interesting enough for you to effortlessly focus on it long-term.

The secret to make him chase you (part 1)

People are goal-driven organisms. Part 2 is aligning your external behavior and therefore expectations so it supports and holds up your irresistible confidence. Have you ever noticed when you feel in control, you are naturally more confident? Hey SAS-sy Beauty! …. Close Top Banner.

20 effective ways to make a guy chase you

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For years, I spent more time than I care to admit chasing after men, trying to convince the man du jour that he really did like me.


Chemistry and physical appearance may initially attract men to women, but when those wear off, us ladies have to be resourceful.


It is normal for guys to chase after women.