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Trying to subtly hide the fact you live at home. Breaking the tough news. Any serious discussions can be pretty awkward in a new relationship, and letting someone know that you still live at home can be one of them. As if parents need more ammo against you! Having to sneak around to have sex. Way to regress to high school!


Help for young professionals looking for anxiety relief and relationship help. You feel like a loser and have trouble mustering the energy to scan those annoying apps.

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What about sex? How are you supposed to have sex when your parents are just down the hall? So high school.

Still need help with feeling good about yourself when you live at home?

As much as you are not crazy about living at home, the alternative is worse! The first thing is to do is to work on feeling okay about living at home. Clarifying your goals will help you feel confident that living at home is the right choice for you right now. If you are living at home to save money, ask yourself if you are actually working toward saving enough money to be able to live on your own in a while.

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Are you saving up for a big purchase like a car, or even a down payment on a house? If you are living at home while you are in-between jobs, are you actively searching for your next employment?

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If you are living at home while you go to grad school, are you working hard to do well and get high marks? If you are living at home to help sick or aging parents, that is an honorable reason that anyone can understand.

Home healthcare is very expensive and adult children are taking on that role more and more. If you know that your choice to move back home is logical and you have been working toward your goal, then you can be proud to explain to your friends and dates why you have made that choice.

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If you are one of them, you are in good company! Living at home can be both a necessary and a good option for several months or even several years, depending on your situation. Are you the first in your immediate family? Lucky you—you get to establish the ground rules! If you are not the first, there may already be a precedent about bringing dates home.

Either way it is best to have a specific discussion with your parents about this. Things to cover are:. How detailed does that information need to be. This is important: when you are a kid your parents had a clear idea of your schedule, and could often decide themselves what your schedule would be. Now that you are an adult you will set your own schedule, but it is a matter of courtesy to let the people you are living with have a basic idea of when you will be coming and going.

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Your parents should be able to do the same for you. Bad news if you need that dirty shirt for work tomorrow! Timing is everything! When you bring dates home, it is good to give your parents a he up beforehand. This is just to inform them, not to ask their permission.

Is dating from home a complete oxymoron?

When they are having people over they should be giving you a he up as well. If you are bringing the same person home regularly, take the time to sit and talk with your parents with your date. Let your parents get to know them, too. Tell your parents before you go out that you might bring someone home after they are in bed, but that person will be gone before they wake up.

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Walk them to the door. Having a stranger potentially tiptoeing around your house in the night is creepy for everyone. Are your parents embarrassing? Um, of course they are! They will understand the concept. Let your date know what to expect from your parents. Therapy can help! Living at home is a necessity for so many young adults these days—you are not alone!

I offer a free phone or in-office consultation where we can chat about your situation and how therapy can help you feel better and achieve your goals.

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FAQ's Fees and Insurance. Thoughts on Thursdays with Thrive Help for young professionals looking for anxiety relief and relationship help. How Can I Fix This?

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Be Confident About Your Decision The first thing is to do is to work on feeling okay about living at home. So now I feel better about living at home. How do I maintain a relationship? Dating, Relationships, and Sex Now for the nitty-gritty!

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Dates: When you bring dates home, it is good to give your parents a he up beforehand. Your Parents: Are your parents embarrassing? Don't Follow Your Passion!

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However, for teenagers or youths who are still in school or just starting out their careers, living at home with your parents is totally understandable.


One of the best parts of living on your own is the freedom to make your own choices.


For many young adults, the mere idea of dating while still living at home is cringe-worthy.