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Cocaine is an illegal drug that affects your body and mind in many ways and often le to long-term health problems. It is considered a stimulant.

Does cocaine make you sleepy?

Mentally, it can make you feel bright, sharp, and happy. But people are drawn to cocaine without realizing how addicting it is.

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The longer a person abuses cocaine, the more at risk he or she is for developing severe health problems. People most commonly abuse cocaine by snorting the powder version.

Sleep architecture, cocaine and visual learning

It can also be smoked in the form of crack cocaine, which looks like small, white rocks. Street names for the drug include snort, blow, powder and coke.

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Yes and no. Snorting cocaine will speed up your body and your mind, making you feel excited and happy. You feel like you can push your physical boundaries beyond normal and you want to stay awake as long as possible. If you feel yourself crashing, you should eat fresh food, including fruits and vegetables, and drink juice or water.


Nutrients help your body recover. What makes cocaine particularly dangerous is that during the crash, people feel a strong craving to take the drug again in an attempt to feel better.

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Even if you only try coke a few times, you can become addicted to either the physical feeling you attain while high, or the effects it can have on your mind, or both. You should understand the difference between the crash and withdrawal from cocaine.

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When you stop abusing cocaine altogether, you can feel fatigued. If that happens to you, you need to take the time necessary to recover. Do not try anything strenuous, and take some time off from work or school. Your overall health depends on it. Eat properly and try to reset your body clock by doing normal activities during the day and trying to sleep at night. At a certain point the drug will wear off and you could feel sleepy.

Does cocaine make you tired?

This is known as the rebound effect, when your body tries to get back to where it was before you abused the drug. Besides increased sleepiness you might also feel anger, paranoia and depression, among many other symptoms. Your body has been through quite a lot when you abuse coke. The body will often create symptoms that are opposite of those created by cocaine. That can lead to addiction because you will be tempted to snort more coke so you can once again feel its effects.

You could also feel tired after cocaine use if you abuse it while drinking alcohol or taking other illegal drugs, including opioids. This is dangerous and can lead to serious physical harm or even death. If you feel sleepy after using coke or after mixing it with other substances, including alcohol, you should seek medical treatment.

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Yes, when its effects wear off. Crack cocaine is usually smoked and often contains impurities. It looks like small rocks and comes in various colors. Crack works faster than powdered cocaine and leaves your body faster.

Insomnia from cocaine use

It can be much more addictive than powdered cocaine because of those short, intense highs, which are then followed by the crash. Crack users often abuse the drug for long stretches of time, leading to paranoia, agitation and other behaviors that can cause other people to suspect you are abusing drugs. Once the drug wears off, users can crash for several days during their recovery. Their heart races, their muscles can spasm and they might even have convulsions. Just like with using powdered cocaine, the high will wear off and you will feel sleepy as the body tries to rebound to where it was before.

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You can also feel sleepy if you mix other substances with crack cocaine, such as alcohol or opioids. Mixing crack cocaine with other drugs can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. If you feel you need help to end your cocaine addictionseek medical treatment immediately.

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The first step is to commit to stop abusing the drug. Does Cocaine Make You Tired? Does Cocaine Make You Sleepy?

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Does Crack Make You Tired? Does Crack Make You Sleepy? Call us Today for a Confidential Assessment Or fill out the form below.

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Fill in all of the information and try again. Ready to make a change? Talk to a specialist now.

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Eight normal healthy volunteers were tested in a reaction-time task and a work-output task after 24 and 48 h of sleep deprivation with and without 96 mg of inhaled cocaine.


Cocaine gives the user an intense rush of energy that can persist long after the euphoria wears off, and often le to insomnia.