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  • My age:
  • 23
  • Sexual orientation:
  • Male
  • Iris color:
  • I’ve got large blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • What is my sex:
  • Girl
  • Zodiac sign:
  • Aries
  • I like:
  • Sports


A young virgin continues his first bathhouse experience. Fortunately a Masterful Black Daddy takes him under his wing.


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I was twenty-three and this older guy asked me out on a date, I agreed and he took me to a new experience. He had taken me to a gay bathhouse. Gary was a gray-haired bear, he was just a little taller than me, he was about 5' 10". He also had piercing blue eyes and a deep voice that made my knees weak and an urge to have him deep inside me. I had gotten ready for my date after I got off work. It was a Friday night. He liked his men young and smooth. So I shit, showered, and shaved everything.

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Then got dressed in tight boot cut jeans, a black dress shirt, and boots. He picked me up in a red Mazda Miata from my apartment. He complimented me on how I was cuter in person than the pictures I sent him over the phone. I blushed a little I wasn't then nor I am now used to hearing compliments on my looks.

He must have left the office when he picked me up. He was dressed in khaki slacks and polo. Gary kissed me on my cheek and escorted me to his car. We got in and I could smell his cologne. It was something strong, but pleasant smelling and not overpowering. As he drove us to dinner, we chatted. He was an assistant professor at a local university and he found out I was an active duty sailor.

Which piqued his interest, because "don't ask, don't tell" I was considered forbidden fruit. I wasn't out for the most part. If my chain of command ever found out my career would be over. So we agreed not to speak about my career publicly. We ate, he plied me with beer, not enough to get me drunk, but enough to relax me. We chatted some more and talked about my recent deployment and his hard times controlling himself in front of the younger men whom he teaches.

He paid and we left. As we were driving to the bathhouse where we would spend the rest of our date, I was curious to see what I was going to be dealing with that night. So I put my hand on his thigh and it was like braided steel.

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I ran my hand up to his crotch and felt a bulge that I did not expect. I let my hand linger a little longer feeling the girth of the thing.

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Now some men boast about their size and maybe exaggerate, Gary on the other hand never told me what he carried, and I was thinking to myself that I wish he did so I could prepare myself for it, but I also do enjoy a challenge. We arrived at the bathhouse. He paid for our Bathhouse sex stories and also got us a room. We were shown to a locker room, where it was explained that no one is clothed except for the staff. We would wear towels if we so choose, but we would essentially naked for the duration of our stay.

So we disrobed. Gary was not clothed, naked, the man was well, manly. He had thickly muscled arms and chest with greying thin body hair on his torso and he also had a bit of a belly which was fine by me. He had a powerlifters physique. I on the other hand was smooth, I was leaner with a flat stomach and slightly more defined musculature.

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I opted not to wear a towel around my waist instead I wore it draped over my shoulders. Gary wore his towel around his waist. We had our keys secured to our upper arms when we got into the shower, it was your typical communal shower with a large central pipe and several he sticking out in a tiled area.

We soaped up and he got my back and butt, sliding a finger into me, making me take a small gasp. He chuckled as I bit my lip. He withdrew and we finished cleaning up. We first went to a steam room. It was a room that had built-in ledges that acted as benches. We took our seats and awaited the steam. The first spurt of hot water sprayed from the steam vents then a plum of white team bellowed. In a short time, the room was enveloped in a Bathhouse sex stories thick haze.

Gary took this opportunity to start kissing my neck. I melted into his arms as he feasted.

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I swooned and moaned, to the cheers of other men who occupied the space. The haze began to clear and I observed several other older men, some masturbating and others just watching. A wicked grin crossed his face.

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I put my feet on the floor and assume the position. First Gary started to massage my hole. He then ordered, "Spread those cheeks boi, daddy wants his friends to have a good view of that sweet tender hole of yours. Shouts of, "I'd like to breed that boi," and, "My God, does he have a hole that is begging to be fucked," and, "Hey Gary can I fuck him when you're done?

Don't you agree, Daddy? Your ass is my prize tonight," agreed Gary. There were seven men in the steam bath with us all in their forties to sixties. Three stepped forward to be pleasured by me.

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I knelt on the floor, Gary stood behind me. He kissed my ear and I took this as my cue to kneel. Someone tossed me a towel to pad my knees. The three who wanted their release stood before me side by side with hard-ons ready to be stimulated.

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I began to suckle the center man. I stroked the other two. I rotated between the three cocks, greedily sucking away at them or fondling them. I wanted their cum, I needed their cum. The men groaned with approval. One was getting close I wasn't sure who, but hot jets of semen splashed on my face.

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This triggered a chain from the other two, they began jacking off to control where they shot their lo. They both shot at once.

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One unloaded a large load on the space on my face while the other shot his cum on my chest. My eyes were shut, but I left my mouth open to clean the last dribbles of ejaculate off their dicks. They opted for my service. My audience clapped and shouted their approval. Gary helped me to my feet. I blinded with man seed, was led out of the steam room to a showerhead. I rinsed the cum off. With my vision restored my date stood watching with his manhood rock hard starting to turn a shade of red. Gary said nothing, but he wrapped his muscular arms around me and kissed me Bathhouse sex stories.

His lips moved from mine and worked their way down my neck. By now, he had me off the floor in his embrace. I was putty in his grasp. He set me down and took my hand. We dashed to our rented room. A partition cubicle with a door that had a simple turn bolt if one wished for semi-privacy.

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It was an unusually cool Tuesday in Texas with a chance for rain, rather than take my Harley out for a ride I booked a massage to cut some of my stress.


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This happened to me several years back when I was in New York City on business.